"Happening for a Dead Bore"

July 9th 2017

Eduardo Costa, Roberto Jacoby, Raul Escari


CentrumCentrum invites you for the reconstruction of the "Happening for a Dead Bore", that did not take place
in Buneos Aires in 1966.

On July 1966 in Buenos Aires three young artists Eduardo Costa, Raul Escari and Roberto Jacoby, sent to main argentinian newspapers, description and photo documentation of the happening titled “Participacion total”. On the photographs there are many famous figures of the 60’s argentinian art world, that had been asked by the artists to pose for the hypothetical happening. It was the first art piece, that was communicated to the viewers by the mass media and only as an information appeared. The happening actually didn’t ever happen, but the articles that were printed in several magazines, written by different journalists, convinced the public that it happened for real. On October 1966, eventually the artists publicated text, in which they revealed that the “Happening for a Dead Bore”, as one of the journalists named it, was a fictional representation of the event, that didn’t happen. This artpiece manifested itself as an information, a legend, a myth.
On 14th of June 2017 in Szczecin, one of the founders of The Center, gave a radio interview for local radio station, in which he spoke about the reconstruction of the “Happening for a Dead Bore” event, that was held in The Center on 10th of June.
The real reconstruction event was to be opened on 25th of June, but because of bad weather conditionts it was postponed on 2nd of July 2017. Unfortunatelly in this day the weather was also not good. Also on 7th of July it was raining. Eventually on 9th of July 2017 in the main facility of The Center – on the area of Family Gardens “Friendship” – the reconstruction of the “Happening for a Dead Bore” took place. The audience listened to a audio storytelling that consisted of : a radio interview from 14th of June 2017, one of the original articles from “El Mundo” magazine, that was translated to Polish, and voice messages from Roberto Jacoby and Eduardo Costa, two living creators of the original happening, that were specially sent on 22nd of June to the founders of The Center. 

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