Founders of Centrum Centrum, Łukasz Jastrubczak and Małgorzata Mazur on September 2018 were collecting data from the employees of the Silk Museum in Tbilisi (Georgia). Łukasz worked as a Taxi driver, taking one employee in the morning from her home to work, and the other back from work home. 8 persons got a free ride in exchange for reflections on the Silk Museum's collection and their involvement with the institution. The form of a route between their home and the workplace was transfered to a notebook and was drawn by each of the employee.

Małgorzata took photographic portraits of almost all the workers of the Museum in their offices or favourite parts of building.

It is hard to resist the impression that the Silk Museum's collection will not work as a source of knowledge that can be used to reconstruct the Silk Industry in Georgia. The aestheticall features of Silk Museum's specimens are much more valuable than its function. The aim of CentrumCentrum was not to look on the collection - a closed set of objects that presents the knowledge of the XIXth and early XXth century on silk production - but on the people that try to keep the Silk Museum's collection in order, and tries to escape the natural tendency for enthropy. 

event realized together with Bartosz Zaskórski
Curated by Łukasz Białkowski in collaboration with the State Silk Museum curators – Mariam Shergelashvili and Data Chigholashvili

in a framework of the project New Dictionary of Old Ideas, co-organized by four institutions: MeetFactory in Prague (Czechia), Trafostacja Sztuki in Szczecin (Poland), FKSE Studio of Young Artists Association in Budapest (Hungary), and the State Silk Museum in Tbilisi (Georgia).

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Marina Gonashvili (Collection Curator)

Tinatin Kipiani (Educational programs coordinator)

Darejan Demetrashvili (Librarian)

Nino Kuprava (Director)

Nino Tsiturishvili (Administrative Manager)

Valeri Petrov (Collection Conservator, Owner of seashell collections)

Salome Pachuashvili (Collection Curator)

Mariam Shergelashvili (Exhibition Curator)

Mariam Gochelashvili (Educational Programs Manager)

David (Data) Chigholashvili (Curator of International Programs)

Leri Giorgadze(Security Guard)

29th SEPTEMBER 2018