CentrumCentrum was founded in 2014 in Szczecin by Łukasz Jastrubczak
& Małgorzata Mazur. It is an institution, the smallest collective based on affection. CentrumCentrum organizes events, exhibitions and workshops to explore and experience communal bonds, relations between humans and non-humans, forgotten objects and texts. Situated in the allotment garden, the institution blurs the boundaries between art and life in order to practice social ecology.

The activity of CentrumCentrum is focused on researching the relationship of the former periphery and former centers of the world, in the context of their economic and cultural dependence.
We weave threads from the past into the present network of relations, also activating non-human characters - unnoticed subjects and objects, missed events - trying to strengthen their position in the contemporary narrative. 
We publish, create a collection of objects and situations, initiate discussions, conduct workshops, translate, recycle, reconstruct, collaborate, take care of the soil and plants and collect fruit.
CentrumCentrum is a river. It has a memory of a river and it is connected with all rivers of the world. CentrumCentrum is situated in an assemblage of forces that create, destroy, care for, constantly change, support, empathize, negotiate its position.
CentrumCentrum is a heretical institution for which the most important human measure is pleasure. 

Capital of CC presented at Bode Museum and Neues Museum in Berlin Photo by Mathias Schormann

CentrumCentrum has an alternative way for financing its activities – The Capital of CentrumCentrum, which consists of 66 golden bars, made out of sprayed cardboard.
In order to boost the value of that artificial gold, the capital had been exhibited in prominent institutions – museums - Neues Museum and Bode Museum in Berlin. Each person that works on behalf of CentrumCentrum, is reimbursed with one golden bar.

contact via
jastrubczak (at) gmail (dot) com

how to get there
ROD Przyjaźń
ul. Bogumińska
bus stop: Ogrody "Przyjaźń" na żądanie
garden #354
53.468665, 14.582899